Workshops for Chicago Pagan Pride 2017:



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There is no attendance sign up sheets for workshops. All workshops are a first come first sit basis. There are always room on for people to bring their own chairs or picnic blankets.


Eric Kenron


Eric Kenron:

Class: Empathic Self-Defense   


Learn the basics of energetic self-defense for empaths. If you are an empath and/or a naturally sensitive person, you have probably felt overwhelmed by the emotional energy you pick up. The Empathic Self-Defense class will cover energy shielding, breath work and meditations meant to help you protect yourself against being overwhelmed by your sensitivity and defend yourself against emotionally draining or overwhelming people, negative environments, and emotional onslaughts.


Eric Kenron is a shaman, Rune reader, energy healer and teacher at World Tree Healing. He has been a teacher of magic and energy work since 2001, a yoga teacher since 2008, a Reiki master since 2009, and a life-long empathic healer. Eric conceived of the Empathic Self-Defense Workshop in 2014 while talking to a friend and student of his who was dealing with being empathically overwhelmed at work. Since then, Eric has taught Empathic Self-Defense at multiple venues in Chicago (including the Occult Bookstore and last year’s Pagan Pride), as well as Philadelphia, NYC and New Jersey.


Selena Fox



Selena Fox is a priestess, author, spiritual healer, and founder of the Circle Craft tradition. Her writings on Paganism, Witchcraft, & Nature Spirituality are widely published online & in print. She travels internationally presenting workshops & rituals & also does teaching through her weekly podcast, Nature Folk.  She has a MS in Counseling & does telephone consultations & readings with clients across North America.  Selena is founder & senior minister of Circle Sanctuary which has been serving Pagans & Polytheists of many paths worldwide since 1974.  She is executive direction of Pagan Spirit Gathering, a weeklong national/global Summer Solstice festival held annually in Illinois. More info:,



Laura Gonzalez

Class: Tarot as a Healing and Magic Too

In this workshop Laura will share her experiences as a Witch, natural born psychic and Tarot card reader (28 years and counting) utilizing the tarot card deck not only as a tool for healing and divination, but she’ll also share how oracles, tarot cards and; even naipes and  playing card can ‘do the trick’ and be used as tool to perform rituals and spells; because when you lead a magical life everything you do is MAGIC!
*This workshop is for all levels of expertise on tarot and magic*


Laura Gonzalez is a resident Bruja and professional Tarotologist. Originally from Mexico, Laura came to the United States over 18 years ago, moving to the Chicago area, where she has built a loyal fan base among local Pagans and community members.

Born in Mexico City, she is quite familiar with traditional Mexican folk magic and practices, native to her home country. A natural-born witch, Laura discovered her gifts at very early age, sometimes at the apprehension of those around her. In addition to her work as a natural psychic and Tarotologist, she also does consulting with a variety of deck types, including Spanish and Oracle Cards.

A “Bruja” in tune with the cycles of nature and the magic within, she is always willing to help those in need. Laura is a dedicated community activist, advocating Pagan, LGBT, and women’s rights. She has passionately worked towards suicide prevention, supporting such organizations as AFSP – “Out of the Darkness” walks. Laura also gives back by volunteer teaching English as a second language at the Poder Learning Center.

She is co-editor of e-zine, El Caldero (en Español), and the founder of Boletin Pagano en Español, a meeting place for Spanish-speaking Pagans. Her writings have been featured in Circle Sanctuary Magazine. In 2017 she began the “Ministers in Training Program” at Circle sanctuary.

In addition, she has been an influential leader in the Latin American pagan community, facilitating open discussions and teaching Spanish-speakers Pagan theory and practice across four continents. She’s presented workshops privately and publicly at such events like, Chicago Pagan Pride, Circle Sanctuary and PSG. Ms. Gonzalez has been featured in several popular pagan podcasts and radio, including as guest presenter on Pagan Tonight Radio Network. She also has her own popular Spanish-English weekly podcast, Lunatic Mondays – Lunes Lunáticos.

Tinnekke Bebout:



Tinnekke Bebout has been published in Askei Kataskei, Goddess, Circle, PanGaia, The Loom, and The Goat and Candle. She is the author of The Dance of the Mystai, and she has also been a contributor to She of 10, 000 Names, Pagan Writers Presents Samhain, Memento Mori, Taboo, and Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. She is also a free-lance writer through the Pagan Writers’ Community.
She is the founder of the Temple of Hekate Einalian and is a legally ordained priestess through the Apple Branch Tradition.

Lozen BrownBear: 

Class: Mystical Herbs to Claim your sacred Space

Using Mystical Herbs for Sacred Space. Use Herbs to Clear & Purify Instructor, Lozen BrownBear Working with herbs on a spiritual level can bring balance to your sacred space. Understanding the mystical properties of herbs can open more than you realize. They are important in etheric healing. Herbs energetically clear unwanted or negative energy from your home, yourself, or environment. The knowledge of mystical herbs can be used in healing as well as clearing sacred space. Perhaps you have smudged but the energy came back. Find out why this happens and how to remove negative energy to close the door so it does not return. Through a smudging ceremony, use ancient traditions and tools to clear space. Discover what the herbs do, why they are used, and how they work. Use several techniques with the mystical herbs beyond smudging by using a feather and abalone shell. Healers can use smudging to help their clients achieve and reclaim their balance in life. The power of these tools are often misunderstood because some of this information is not readily available. Claim and clear your sacred space using this ancient art.


Lozen BrownBear is a top notch Apache artist for over 34 years. In 1992 she officially opened up her work to the public and is best know for her beautiful artistry. Lozen has an adept eye for quality and you can see her years of experience in her work. She continues to keep the integrity of her art with only the best of quality materials and the love she expresses within each piece she makes. At a young age she believed art should be timeless and that is just what the art is, timeless and beautiful. Lozen’s art work is the highest craftsmanship you will appreciate.

Lozen’s work is a love relationship, she loves each piece and it sure does show, you will see, feel and know this love too. Lozen is truly a skilled artisan.

Lozen says “it sings” in translations this is how Lozen explains her work… She says “Spirit wills the art to flow, it sings to me and I follow the vibrational song of the art of piece so in essence the art sings and I create it… I feel this blessing and carry a deep gratitude for the honor of being allow this grace of being an artist to Spirit”…. The vibrational art is the heart to hand creation, art made by the Spirit for the spirit…

There are moments when Lozen will create one off pieces which are created once and never created again… So keep an eye open for these creations… It might just be made for you in mind…

In addition to her creative art Lozen has been a great help to others. Progressively within 34 years she has exchanged with others her ability to help others understand their journey with spiritual teachings… Counseling her spirit brothers and sisters on the sacred path…

To expand your knowledge is to be eclectic in the many influences of the esoteric arts. With no limitation the better we navigate ourselves. The world is a crystallization of mind geared matter, set energy full stop. But what energy does, is sends to the source the intent to bring another reality in this place here and now. This takes time and takes determination.

Amanda hamlin

Class: Honoring the Devine Warrior in the Modern World 

Exploring how aspects of the warrior found in ancient myths can enhance our lives and practice in contemporary society


Amanda has been practicing Paganism for over fifteen years and is a practicing rune worker. Her specializations include the study of comparative mythologies, in the mode of Joseph Campbell and the intersection of feminism and Paganism.


Clare Levijoki

Class: A Christian’s Guide to Pagan Paths

Learn why it is sometimes so hard for Christians and pagans to communicate, and some tools to help.


Clare was a devout student of Christian theology for the first 18 years of her life. To make things interesting, for most of that time she was also having powerful spiritual experiences with a goddess she has now identified as Inanna. She left her church at 18 and began to travel, visiting pagan communities around North America, in 2016. Now she writes about theology and spiritual experience, and hopes to help American Christians and pagans to understand what they have in common.


Chris Allaun

Class: Ancestor Magick: Bringing the Ancestors Into Ceremony and Sacred Space

For thousands of years the beloved dead have been called upon to empower rituals and ceremonies. They are connected to us by spirit and blood and have a great amount of power. We have the ability to call upon our ancestors to protect our home, empower our spells, and to heal others and ourselves. They are connected to us by breath, blood, and bone. Through this connection, we are able to summon them into our ritual space to perform great works of magick.


Chris Allaun has been studying paganism and the occult since 1992. He is an ordained minister with The Fellowship of the Phoenix and has been an initiate of Traditional Witchcraft since 2002. He is also a Native American Pipe Carrier and studies that path of the Red Road. He teaches classes and workshops on magick, healing, shamanism, and necromancy. He has taught at pagan festivals such as Pagan Spirit Gathering and Between the Worlds. He continues to study and teach the magickal arts to those who seek to balance the three worlds in their own lives.


Anna Applegate

Class: Hands-On Heka: Magic in Ancient Egypt

For centuries, much of the world agreed with Clement of Alexandria (3rd c. CE), who referred to ancient Egypt as “the mother of magicians.” In this two-hour workshop, Rev. Anna Applegate, a legally ordained Priestess in the international Fellowship of Isis, will give an overview of magic, or heka, in ancient Egypt, focusing on the three main divisions of funerary magic, ritual magic (performed in temples), and everyday magic. Participants (adults only, please) will get to experience hands-on heka by creating papyri talismans to keep.


Chicago native Rev. Anna Applegate, M.A., is a pious Polytheist who tends to roll out a welcome mat to chthonic Powers in particular. She became active in the Chicago Fellowship of Isis community in 2002 and received her legal Ordination as a Priestess at The Temple of Isis in Geyserville, California, in 2012. She is the founder of the Iseum of the Rekhet Akhu, whose mission is to highlight the interrelatedness of the communities of the living and the dead and to cultivate transfigured spirits (Akhu) in human form. Anna holds an M.A. degree in English Literature from Loyola University Chicago and writes for fun and profit; her devotional poetry appears in the Scarlet Imprint anthologies Datura (2010) and Mandragora (2012). Anna also avidly blogs about her adventures as a Polytheistic Priestess on her blog Amor et Mortem, “Love and Death,” at Aside from writing, she expresses herself through Pagan jewelry and art, which she sells on her Etsy site, JackalMoonDesigns.


Ed Hubbard

Class: Healing Gaia: Making it Matter

Focusing on the needs of Faia to be healed, even in a Urban environment. Offering practical, personal and community solutions, that make a significant difference to environmental healing.


A Biological Alchemist, Ed Correll (Hubbard) is driving solutions towards global environmental healing, through Nature’s Little Recyclers, Chicago’s worm composters, as well as over 25 years of experience in Pagan Media ministry.