Workshops for Chicago Pagan Pride:


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There is no attendance sign up sheets for workshops. All workshops are a first come first sit basis. We encourage attendees to bring their own folding chairs.


GCPP 2019 Teachers

Laura Gonzalez

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Location: Workshop Room

Class: Día de Muertos: Origin and traditions of the Day of the Dead

In this workshop Laura will take us into a journey exploring the origin and traditions of the Day of the Dead. We will descend into the ‘Mictlan’ (the underworld in Aztec mythology). We’ll learn who the underworld deities are and how important they are to our lives. We’ll discover how the honoring said deities has evolved, surviving conquest, Christianity and modern time influences to morph and charm the whole world into what we call today “Día de Muertos”. Laura has been a researcher on this topic for 32 years and she’s still learning new discoveries, if you took this workshop before, chances are it will all sound new to you this time around!!


Laura Gonzalez is a resident Bruja and professional Tarotologist. Originally from Mexico, Laura came to the United States over 19 years ago, moving to the Chicago area, where she has built a loyal fan base among both Pagans and local community members.

Born in Mexico City, she is a practitioner of traditional Mexican folk magic, Native Philosophies, North American Paganism, and the Goddess Tradition.

A natural-born witch and psychic, Laura discovered her abilities at very early age, sometimes at the apprehension of those around her. In addition to her work as a natural psychic and Tarotologist, she also does consulting with a variety of deck types, including Spanish cards and Oracle deck cards.

A Bruja in tune with the cycles of nature and the magic within, she is always willing to help those in need. Laura is a dedicated community activist, advocating for Pagan, LGBTQIA, and women’s rights. She has passionately worked towards suicide prevention, supporting such organizations as The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and participating in their Out of the Darkness walks.

Laura is co-editor of the e-zine, El Caldero (en Español), and the founder of Boletin Pagano en Español, a meeting place for Spanish-speaking Pagans. Her writings have been featured in El Caldero and Circle Sanctuary Magazine. Laura is an influential leader in the Latin American Pagan community; she facilitates open discussions, and teaches Spanish-speakers Pagan theory and practice across four continents.

Laura has presented workshops privately and publicly at such events as Chicago Pagan Pride, Fort Wayne Pagan Pride, St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Circle Sanctuary, and Pagan Spirit Gathering. Ms. Gonzalez has been featured in several popular Pagan podcasts and radio shows, and has also served as a guest presenter on Saber Sanar and Pagans Tonight Radio Network. She also has her own popular Spanish-English weekly podcast, Lunatic Mondays – Lunes Lunáticos on Pagans Tonight Radio Network.

In 2017, Laura began the Ministers in Training Program at Circle Sanctuary. In 2018, she was given the title of Priestess of the Goddess from the Goddess Fraternity (Fraternidad de la Diosa) with Christian Ortiz.

Anna Applegate

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Location: Workshop Room

Class:Hands-On HEKA: Magic in Ancient Egypt

For centuries, much of the world agreed with Clement of Alexandria (3rd c. CE), who referred to ancient Egypt as “the mother of magicians.” In this workshop, Rev. Anna Applegate, a legally ordained Priestess in the international Fellowship of Isis, will give an overview of magic, or heka, in ancient Egypt, focusing on the three main divisions of funerary magic, ritual magic (performed in temples), and everyday magic. Participants (adults only, please) will get to experience hands-on heka by creating papyri talismans to keep.

Bio:  Chicago native Rev. Anna Applegate, M.A., is a pious Polytheist and spirit worker. She became active in the Chicago Fellowship of Isis community in 2002 and received her legal Ordination as a Priestess in 2012. In addition to serving as the Executive Editor of Isis-Seshat, a quarterly, global journal on Pagan theology and ritual praxis for the Fellowship of Isis, Anna is the founder of the Iseum of the Rekhet Akhu, whose mission is to highlight the interrelatedness of the communities of the living and the dead and to cultivate transfigured spirits (Akhu) in living form.

Anna holds an M.A. degree in English Literature from Loyola University Chicago and writes for fun and profit; her devotional poetry appears in the Scarlet Imprint anthologies Datura (2010) and Mandragora (2012). Anna also avidly blogs about her adventures as a Polytheistic Priestess on her blog Amor et Mortem, “Love and Death,” at Aside from writing, she expresses herself through Pagan jewelry and art, which she sells on her Etsy site, JackalMoonDesigns. She is a professional astrologer and believes in empowering people with insights into their own unfolding karma. Email her at for more information.




Lozen BrownBear:  

Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Location: Workshop Room

Class: Empowering Your Empath

Lecture: Taping into the Power of being an Empath

Bio: Lozen BrownBear an Apache artist for over 35 years. In 1992 she officially opened up her work to the public and is best know for her beautiful artistry. Lozen has an adept eye for quality and you can see her years of experience in her work. She continues to keep the integrity of her art with only the best of quality materials and the love she expresses within each piece she makes. At a young age she believed art should be timeless and that is just what the art is, timeless and beautiful. Lozen’s art work is the highest craftsmanship you will appreciate.

Founder of Sacred Space Animal Sanctuary and Rescue which these days is her priority to save animals in need of healing and saving. As an Empath Lozen is a animal healer. But she works with the human kingdoms too.

Lozen’s work both healing and beautiful is a love relationship, Lozen is truly a skilled artisan.

Lozen says “it sings” in translations this is how Lozen explains her work… She says “Spirit wills the art to flow, it sings to me and I follow the vibrational song of the art of piece so in essence the art sings and I create it… I feel this blessing and carry a deep gratitude for the honor of being allow this grace of being an artist to Spirit”…. The vibrational art is the heart to hand creation, art made by the Spirit for the spirit…

In addition to her creative art Lozen has been a great help to others. Progressively within 35 years she has exchanged with others her ability to help others understand their journey with spiritual teachings… As Counselor of the Spiritual Arts helping others on the sacred path…As an Empath, Lozen Lectures and Workshops are designed to help others with their abilities, and is also a practitioner of QHHT which is Quantum healing Hypnosis past life regression therapist.

To expand your knowledge is to be eclectic in the many influences of the esoteric arts. With no limitation the better we navigate ourselves. The world is a crystallization of mind geared matter, set energy full stop. But what energy does, is sends to the source the intent to bring another reality in this place here and now. This takes time and takes determination.

Ian The Vedge

Time: 4:15pm – 5:15pm

Location: Workshop Room

Class: Methods for Plant Magick: a facilitated discussion

From herbs and wands, to Yule logs and Maypoles, plants can be an important part of both personal and group practices. We will discuss all the ways we can integrate plants to enrich our magickal lives.

Bio: Ian has been foraging for over 12 years, and leading foraging walks for over 10. He has received both a Permaculture Design Certification, as well as the Vegan Permaculture Design Certification, and works as a landscaper in Chicago. Ian has recently received his Master Urban Farmer Certification, and is recognized as a Garden Instructor by the Peterson Garden Project. He also leads wandmaking and magick plant classes, as well as the occasional Earth based sabbath ritual.

Chris Albridge

Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Workshop Room

Class: Pagan Heroism In Everyday Life by Priest Christopher

Meditations, Prayers, Rituals, Energy Work with Mythology

Bio: Chris Aldridge is an ancient Greek priest who was born in Asheboro, North Carolina on November 4th, 1984, and grew up in nearby Thomasville. He founded his own religious organization in 2010 called Temple of the Greek Gods, and has since been a leader of public rites, a public speaker, published writer and blogger, and a Pagan social activist. He received his education from Columbia College of Missouri, and has been a student of ancient Greek religion, myth and theology for the past 10 years.

Isabelle Rizo

Time: 6:45pm – 7:45pm

Location: Workshop Room

Class: Sacred Space: The Art of Ritual, Gathering, and Prayer

In this class leartn tgo create your own ritual inspired uniquely between your relationship and thee divine. Whether it be painting, lighting candles, chanting, or divination. Learn to create your sacred space and ritual.

Bio: sabelle Rizo is a Transylvanian Alchemist, Interfnaationally Exhibited Artist and Hypnotist. She works with creative’s from around the globe in honoring their creative practice and creaating their own story for their life.