2020 Workshops – Virtual

Laura González

Healing Arts of Mexico -Twitch Oct. 10th 12:30pm

Steaming live through Twitch

On this workshop we’ll explore Native philosophies of healing. Our ancestors centered their lives on the belief that everything in nature was sacred medicine and, with that belief they developed ways in which their societies lived in health and harmony with the earth.

Lon Milo DuQuette 

How a Lazy Magician Reads Tarot Cards – Oct. 10th Twitch 2:00pm

Steaming live through Twitch


Lon Milo DuQuette (creator of Tarot of Ceremonial Magick and Author of Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, Low Magick, The Chicken Qablalah, Book of Ordinary Oracles, My Life with the Spirits, and more.) 

Phyllis Curott

Healing with Tarot – Oct. 10th 3:30pm

Steaming live through Twitch


Lee Harrington

The Queerness of Magic, The Magic of Queerness – Oct. 10th 5pm

Streaming live through Twitch

Many pagan and magic-based paths are not LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and more) focused, and yet magic in and of itself has a queer nature. Together we will explore deities throughout history, pulling upon non-bloodline ancestors, and accessing power outside of a heterosexual, binary, or cisgender lens. Let’s “queer” rituals that already exist, create rites that center queer populations, and get inspired for making these various magics part of your repertoire – whether this is your personal path or not.


Andrew McGegor

Speaking with Spirits – Oct. 10th @ 12pm

Streaming through Discord Room 4

How do we speak with spirits? Can you hear them? Are you sure it is them? How can you trust what you are working with? This workshop will cover some great steps to get you on the right track and some pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Frank Santiago III

Lucumi herbs – Oct. 10th @ 12pm

Streaming through Discord Room 1


Basic herb baths for negative energy removal, love and refresh/replenishment utilize by Lucumi practicioners.


Rev. Bishop Louvel Delon & Rev. Bishop Lisa Grube

Innana’s Decent: Healing Trauma in the Underworld – Oct. 10th @ 12pm

Streaming through Discord Workshop Room 3

Based on Sumerian Mythos of the Queen of Heaven’s decent into the Underworld, this workshop explores the archetypal lessons. of releasing traumas, sadness, fears and other negative emotions which hinder us from achieving the balance and harmony that Inanna represents. This will be an interactive workshop. Come prepared to join us on this healing journey. 

Chris Allaun

Faeries: Building a Relationship with the Good Folk – Oct. 10th @ 12pm

Streaming through Discord Room 2 


In this workshop we will learn how to connect with Faeries for magick and healing. We will learn how to build faeries shrines, give offerings, and reconnect to the powers of the Good Folk. We will also learn how to journey in spirit to the Otherworld in order to have tangible experiences with Faeries and learn the powers of faery doctoring.

Philip H. Farber

High Magick: Cannabis in Ritual and Mysticism – Oct. 10th @ 2pm

Streaming through Discord Room 1


The mystery and magick of cannabis is both deep and ancient. As the plant continues to gain more cultural acceptance in the coming years, we have more and more opportunity to explore and discover the spiritual wealth that is found within cannabis. Get a taste of ancient and contemporary traditions as Phil fires up a session of information, ritual, and mind-bending fun. Expect a blazing exploration of cannabis practices from around the world and throughout history.

Chris Aldridge

Banishment: The Ancient Greek Way – Oct. 10th @ 2pm

Streaming through Discord Room 2 

Cleansings, banishment’s and exorcisms through ancient Greek theology and ritual.

Catherine Carr

The Turning Dark: The Hidden Power of Public Grief – Oct. 10th @ 2pm

Streaming through Discord Room 3

In our society, we are so often told that our only options are acceptance or anger. Grief and joy are two sides of a coin that offer more powerful and fulfilling options for making change. We’ll see how grief can be invoked, and how it can deepen our connection to the web of life, transform our relationships, and allow us to move forward into change without resistance.

Ethan Stark

Toxic Paganism: Addressing Exclusionary Elements in Modern Pagan Practice through the lens of Heathenry

Oct 10th @ 2pm

Streaming through Discord Room 4

This workshop will use Heathenry / Germanic Paganism as an example of a form of pagan belief that has been co-opted by extremist groups and individuals and illustrate how vulnerable Reconstructionist and Neo-Pagan religions are to different forms of extremism and exclusion.

The Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition (GCVC)

GCVC Introduction To Real Vampires Lore, History and the Practice – Oct 10th @ 4pm

Streaming  through Discord Room 1

We’ll be looking to cover some of the basic facts and misconceptions surrounding real vampires, touching on some of the history of our Community, as well as the aim of the GCVC in Chicago and the Greater Vampire Community

 Megan Hamilton

Curse Removal 101 – Oct. 10th @ 4pm

Streaming through Discord Channel 2

This class will go over what a curse is, how it works, what it does to the spirit body, why and how they land, and how to remove them.

Lilith Dorsey and Jason Winslade

Processing History Through Popular Media: Racialized Magick and Generational Trauma

Oct 10th @ 4pm

Streaming through Discord Room 3


A discussion of the representation of generational trauma through the lens of race and gender, using occult themes, in popular television shows such as Watchmen and Lovecraft Country. How does engagement with occultism complicate or further investigations of generational trauma, and what can these examples teach us about how to re-frame our own approach to magical practices?

Donovan Arthen

The Illusion of Self Sufficiency – Oct. 10th @ 4pm

Streaming through Discord Room 4

In this world nothing is separate, and the idea that it should be creates damage on multiple levels – to the world, to our communities, and to ourselves. In this workshop we will discuss the imposed modern definition of success and being “self sufficient.” What it means for us as people and as pagans; and how and why it is important to set it down in order to move forward in healing ourselves and our world.