Workshops for Chicago Pagan Pride 2017:



Thank to all who signed up.

We hope to see you all on Sunday September 10th


There is no attendance sign up sheets for workshops. All workshops are a first come first sit basis. There are always room on for people to bring their own chairs or picnic blankets.


Eric Kenron


Eric Kenron 

Class: Empathic Self-Defense   


Learn the basics of energetic self-defense for empaths. If you are an empath and/or a naturally sensitive person, you have probably felt overwhelmed by the emotional energy you pick up. The Empathic Self-Defense class will cover energy shielding, breath work and meditations meant to help you protect yourself against being overwhelmed by your sensitivity and defend yourself against emotionally draining or overwhelming people, negative environments, and emotional onslaughts.


Eric Kenron is a shaman, Rune reader, energy healer and teacher at World Tree Healing. He has been a teacher of magic and energy work since 2001, a yoga teacher since 2008, a Reiki master since 2009, and a life-long empathic healer. Eric conceived of the Empathic Self-Defense Workshop in 2014 while talking to a friend and student of his who was dealing with being empathically overwhelmed at work. Since then, Eric has taught Empathic Self-Defense at multiple venues in Chicago (including the Occult Bookstore and last year’s Pagan Pride), as well as Philadelphia, NYC and New Jersey.

Amanda Hamlin

Amanda Hamlin

Class: Runes as Guides on Your Spiritual Journey

Discussion of the spiritual meanings of the runes and how these can be used as guides on the path of spiritual development, especially in terms of ascending the axis mundi or world tree, and how divination can aid this process.


Amanda has been practicing Paganism for over fifteen years and is on the board of directors for the Center of the Elemental Spirit, a non-denominational Wiccan group located in Chicago. Her specializations include the study of comparative mythologies, in the mode of Joseph Campbell and the intersection of feminism and Paganism.

Cindi Muntz

Cindi Muntz:

 Class: The Exploration of the Unknown

This class will explore the spirit realm. We will discuss how to cleanser and raise energy in space. We will also explore grounding techniques and banding energy within a team with us essential for any paranormal investigation!!!


Full sensory Medium since birth 46 yrs); Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master. Founded RIP Midwest in 2006. I work with clients for private communication sessions, salon and gallery communication events, lectures and workshops on a variety of topics. RIP provides resolution within complicated paranormal situations. Additionally we are involved in controlled environment research to advance the paranormal community.



Selena Fox

Class: Activism with Lady Liberty

Empowering activist work with Lady Liberty, Freedom Goddess imagery, symbology, meditations, & rituals..


Selena Fox is a priestess, author, spiritual healer, and founder of the Circle Craft tradition. Her writings on Paganism, Witchcraft, & Nature Spirituality are widely published online & in print. She travels internationally presenting workshops & rituals & also does teaching through her weekly podcast, Nature Folk.  She has a MS in Counseling & does telephone consultations & readings with clients across North America.  Selena is founder & senior minister of Circle Sanctuary which has been serving Pagans & Polytheists of many paths worldwide since 1974.  She is executive direction of Pagan Spirit Gathering, a weeklong national/global Summer Solstice festival held annually in Illinois. More info:,



Laura Gonzalez

Bio: Activism and Paganism

A natural born Witch Laura discovered her abilities at an early age (sometimes even scaring her school mates).A natural psychic and Tarotologist, she also enjoys consulting the Spanish cards, and various oracles. Born in Mexico City, she is very familiar with Mexican folk magic and Pagan practices of her native land. A “Bruja” in tune with the cycles of nature and the magic within, she is always willing to help those in need. She has a Tarot Business and makes her living as a full time Bruja. In her daily life she is an enthusiastic volunteer for her spiritual community as a co-coordinator of Center of the Elemental Spirit in Chicago for the last 6+ years.

She’s also a co-editor of the e-zine “El Caldero” (Spanish) and the founder of “Boletin Pagano en Español” (Spanish) a meeting place on Facebook for the Spanish Pagan community; she also participated as a broadcaster for the Pagans Tonight Radio Network show on their Spanish version.

She currently hosts the first bilingual show (on alternating Mondays) for PTRN “Lunatic Mondays – Lunes Lunáticos”.



Juliana Solovjev

Class: The Chakra System & The Color Wheel

Do you want to understand the back-bone of metaphysics? Then join us for this class. We will be discussing the chakra energy system, including the chakra locations, colors, and much more! Do you know what colors to wear to a job interview? How about painting the rooms in your house for their best use? What about using color in ritual and meditation? We will cover meditative and practical uses of color too!


Juliana is a generational intuitive and has been sharing pagan and metaphysical techniques for the last twenty-two years to bring insight and healing to her clients, friends and family. She has recently moved from the west coast and re-opened The Lady of Light, A New Age Boutique in the East Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago where she offers a variety of metaphysical products and classes.

Jennifer Weaver

Class: The Path of Chaos
Chaos Magick and its uses today:


Founder and High Priestess of the Order of Yggdrasil
Owner/Operator of Witchy Wares
Has been teaching in the Chicago community for 10+ years.


John Halstead

Class: Pagan Activism for Non-Activist Pagans

Following the recent election, more and more people, including Pagans, are looking for ways to become politically active. But the thought of becoming an “activist” can seem scary or daunting to many people, especially when “activism” is understood very narrowly as just marching in protests. But activism is a broad term which means working for positive social, political, or environmental change — and there are many ways to do this. And Pagans have unique gifts which we bring to activism. Come and find out how you can be an activists using the skills you already have in the place where you already are.


John Halstead (moderator) was the principal facilitator of “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” which has been signed by over 9,000 people from over 80 countries, and represents the most successful effort to date to harmonize the diverse voices of the Pagan community in defense of the Earth and the web of life. John is one of the founding members of 350 Indiana, which works to raise awareness and organize resistance to the fossil fuel industry. John was arrested last year as part of the Break Free event, which was hailed as the largest ever act of civil disobedience in the history of the environmental movement. John also writes about activism and other matters at The Allergic Pagan, Gods & Radicals, and the Huffington Post.

Rosina Mostardini

Class: Tuscan Runes

An ancient divination device that is accurate and sacred to the Tuscan people. In the class, the runes will be introduced, and all will create a set of their own using fava beans, which is traditional. A special layout will be taught, and all supplies will be provided by Rosina.


Rosina is a Strega, from Tuscany, a High Priestess, Medium, Reader, Reiki Master and Teacher, Interfaith Ritual Facilitator, Runemaster in the Elder Futhark and Tuscan Runes, creator of candles, oils, and sprays, owner of TranZformation a Center for spirit, a place to assist all on their path to healing.