There is no paid staff, and everyone working on as LCs, Organizers, and Facilitators donate his or her time, As a way to give back to our community and promote the ideals and goals of the Pagan Pride Project International.

We are always looking for amazing people to help us make Pagan Pride a memorable event!

Areas to volunteers:

Gracious Greeter – stand at entrances to greet visitors, answer questions and hand out flyers.

Fabulous Food Filer – Keep food donation area clean and organized. Help take in food donations from guest. Organize food into boxes.

Consciousness Concierge – Greet visitors in the house and answer any questions about the day’s activities. Hand out event programs.

Set Up Superstar – On the grounds at 8am to help set up chairs/tables. Assist coordinator with odd tasks needed for set up.

Disassemble Demon – Be on grounds from 5pm-8pm to help put away chairs/tables. Help clean up from the day’s activities.

Radiating Runner – Be on hand throughout day to help with random tasks. Some of the tasks will be trash check/change, bathroom check, and fill in at tables when breaks are needed.


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Phone Number:

What are some your experiences, skills and past volunteer work?.

Why are you interested in becoming a volunteer at Chicago Pagan Pride?

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Are you comfortable talking in front of people?

Are you willing/able to arrive early and or stay late?

Do you have any medical conditions or restrictions that we should be aware of? This includes inability to stand/sit for a long duration or unable to lift 10 pounds.

What is your spiritual path? When and why did you begin following this path?

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Chicago Pagan Pride committed to the safety and well being of all our staff and guest attending our event. We support the rights of the people and will act without hesitation to ensure safe environment is maintained at all times. We also support the rights and well being of our staff and volunteers and encourage their active participation in building and maintaining a secure environment for all participants.


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