There will be two public rituals this year and a children’s ritual:


Children’s Ritual by Spiral Scouts: 2pm booth


Opening Ritual:  11:15am-12:45pm

About: Opening Ritual hosted by the Ones of Fire, a Chicago based Coven

Fire represents Will, and that’s exactly what we are working to realize. We are a group of witches dedicated to carrying out our Will through creative magical workings and honoring the passage of the seasons. Our rituals call upon the all-encompassing receptive and projective energy of the Universe. We will draw down this energy and ask it to manifest within each of us the face of the deity/deities with whom each participant aligns. 


The opening ritual for Pagan Pride this year will lead everyone through the creation of a thought form designed to watch over the Pagan Pride celebrants for the duration of the event. We will program this thought form with happiness, protection, and peace, then let it carry out its influence throughout the day. Participants of this ritual will get the opportunity to explore energy work with larger groups of people and a sense of community and comradeship will develop as a result since everyone will be focusing on the same goal.


Main Ritual: 5:00pm-6:15pm