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Vendor Registration  for GCPP 2019 will open this Spring. Stay tuned for more information.








All e-mails from GCPP will come from please ensure to check your spam folder for vendor confirmation and update.


Booth spaces are available to:

  • Artisans
  • Merchants
  • Healers
  • Readers
  • Community Groups/Organizations

Available Spaces:

SINGLE BOOTH – 10×10 space – retail OR healings/readings – $70

SHARED BOOTH – 10×10 space – shared with more than one vendor – $80

DOUBLE BOOTH – 2 side by side 10×10 spaces for retail and or readings/healings -$110

TRIPLE BOOTH– 3 side by side 10X10 spaces for retail and or readings/healings- $150




Payment must be received for your vending space within 30 DAYS of application acceptance.

If payment is Not received within 30 days your vendor space will NOT be held and you will need to re-apply.

This is to allow fairness to all vendors including vendors who may be on a wait list.


Booth space for Artisans, merchants and community groups/organizations will be limited to 10×10 feet for a single booth.

Please be considerate of neighboring booths by keeping tent tension lines and stakes within the 10×10 feet space. Space is limited and every inch is important.

Booth space will be located OUTSIDE the Pleasant Home. VENDOR/BOOTH Map location will be provided before the event in 2019.

All vendors will donate a Raffle Prize item value of $15.00 or more (product, reading, etc). These raffle donations must be delivered to the registration table by 10 a.m. by a representative from each booth.

Once a space has been reserved, there will be no refunds upon cancellation. This Event will take place Rain or Shine. No Refunds for any reason. There is NO shade or rain cover at this event for Artisans, merchants, and community groups/organizations. It is suggested that you provide a canopy, tent, or umbrella for shelter.

This Agreement is for space only. The festival committee will not supply canopies, awnings, power cords, tables or other equipment necessary to set up a vendor booth. The committee will not be responsible for manpower to set up or tear down said vendor booth, nor for manpower to operate booths during festival hours.

Applications will be reviewed and spaces will be assigned according to utility needs and space requirements. Once a vendor space is assigned by the vendor chairperson, it may not be arbitrarily changed. There will be NO guarantee of the same vendor space from year to year.

Only one business, service, or group/organization is allowed per booth.(Unless Combined booth space is purchased)

This is a family-oriented event. No adult-themed items can be displayed.

Readers and Healers may NOT sell retail items at their table/booth space, unless they apply for a special COMBINED BOOTH SPACE rental. (See below.)

A site number and name will be assigned in advance of the event. There will be no switching spaces without direct permission from the Coordinator of Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride.

LINK EXCHANGE AGREEMENT: Any artisan, merchant, reader, healer, group or organization that hosts a website agrees to post – in a prominent area of their website – an announcement for the Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride Day event. The announcement should remain posted until the 10th of September 2019.


Registration Contract and Guidelines:


PLEASE INITIAL AFTER EACH GUIDELINE IN THE SPACE PROVIDED.Your application will be deleted if all areas are NOT filled out correctly. You will be required re-apply.


All e-mails from GCPP will come from please ensure to check your spam folder for vendor confirmation and update.



  • Set up will be from 8am-10am. All vendors must be on site by 10am. Vendors will NOT tear down their space until 6:00pm.
  • You are to remove your vehicle from driveway BEFORE setting up your booth space. In the evening you are to have your booth space tore down BEFORE loading your car. There is limited space and the drive way and we would like to make the loading process smooth and in a timely manner. You will be asked to move your car if you do not adhere to our request.
  • You may unload and load from the street at any time you choose. Hand trucks are recommended.
  • Vendors are required to move their vehicles from the drive way after unloading.
  • Volunteers may or may NOT be able to help with the set-up but not the take-down, so please come prepared to carry and set-up/take down your own booths.
  • Raffle donations must be delivered to the registration table by 10 a.m. by a representative from each booth.
  • All booths and vendors must be packed up and off premises by 9:00pm.
  • Vendors are responsible for the take-down of their space including any trash. All trash will be placed by the entrance of the drive way. All boxes will be broken down and stacked. Any trash left behind by vendors will cause the vendor NOT to be welcomed back the following year.
  • Vendors are required to setup theirs booths with in the 10X10 space including tension lines. Vendors are to ensure that there are NO gaps between booths. If there are questions in this regard please contact a GCPP staff management BEFORE making your own decision to move your booth.


  1. Payment for space must be received within 30 days of acceptance of application. If payment is Not received within 30 days your vendor space will NOT be held and you will need to re-apply. This is to allow fairness to all vendors including vendors who may be on a wait list.
  2. All Vendors/Readers/Healers will be assigned a space according to the VENDOR LOCATION MAP.
  3. All participants will supply their own shade (canopy/tent), tables, and chairs.
  4. All participants will conduct themselves in a professional and lawful manner at all times.
  5. If at any time your behavior disrupts the event or is disrespectful to the participants and or staff members; you will be escorted off the grounds and your fee will NOT be refunded. Such behavior includes, but NOT limited to yelling, threatening, and verbal abuse towards staff/volunteers/patrons.
  6. Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride and it's volunteers are not held responsible for any damages that occur to self, staff, merchandise or booth. This includes any theft or instances in which a GCPP volunteer or staff member is asked to watch a your booth space for any amount of time.
  7. Participants are responsible for all members of their party, group, organization, and family.
  8. No open flames are allowed!
  9. No nudity, semi-nudity, alcohol, drugs, pets, or items with explicit sexual content allowed.
  10. There will be no moving of booths once they are set up. Unless permission by the GCPP management.
  11. Retail prices will be affixed and clearly visible on all displayed retail items.
  12. Participants may NOT rent booth space and then add other vendors, readers, or healers to their table!
  13. Children under the age of 16 may NOT work at any booth or table, unless registered prior to the event by the merchant.
  14. Children under 12 years of age MUST BE ATTENDED by a responsible adult AT ALL TIMES.
  15. All readers and healers will post their standard PRICE LIST for viewing.
    “Tip” jars/containers are not to be used in lieu of a standard PRICE LIST.
  16. Indoor restrooms are strictly for house staff members ONLY. All vendors are requested to use the provided portable restrooms.
  17. You agree to pay your vending fee within 30 days of contract approval or have your application rejected. If rejected you will have to re-apply..


Applicant’s Name(s):

Name of Business/Service/ or Community Group/Organization:

Contact Name:

Contact Address:




Website or Social Networking Site:

How many years have you been a vendor at GCPP?

Type of space requested:

Notes or special request of Space: PLEASE NOTE that Space Request are NOT GUARANTEED, but we will do out best to accommodate your needs.

Please describe the type of Raffle Prize you’ll be donating and its value.

Please describe the type of merchandise or service will you be providing at Pagan Pride Day.

Estimated Number of people at your booth:

What size of space will you need? Single space: $70; Shared space: $80 Double space two 10x10 spaces next to each other; $110 . Triple space: three 10X10 spaces next to each other $150.

Would you like to pay by Check or PayPal? If paying by PayPal please provide account e-mail. There will be a $4 processing Fee for using PayPal.


The Promoter (“Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride”) reserves the right to limit the number of applications for any one particular type of good/service, thereby protecting all vendors and maintaining diversity for the event. The Promoters also have the right to change or substitute vendor spaces for the good of the event and its participants. No stolen merchandise, firearms, ammunition, alcohol, pets, or drugs are allowed on the grounds.

Neither the Promoters nor Property Owners will be responsible for injury, breakage, theft, or loss of any kind. All Participants in the “Chicago Pagan Pride Day ~ 2018″ event and their group members/volunteers agree to hold harmless the Promoters and Property Owners for any and all claims for loss, damage, injury or liability from all activities while occupying said premises. This includes anytime a volunteer or staff members is stationed at a participation member's booth by the request of the group/table/organization personnel. Vendors may secure insurance at their own discretion.

This event will be held rain or shine. REFUNDS WILL NOT be available for failure to show up, forced removal by staff members, inclement weather, etc.

By signing this application, you are applying to participate in the event known as the “Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride Day ~ 2018″, and have read and agree to all the Guidelines contained therein.

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