Artists for 2018: TB



Adnan Arif and Altar Ego

Adnan Arif & The Altar Ego Band:

Time: Entertainment Area 1 4pm-5pm 

Adnan Arif ‘s music is inspired by mankind’s ‘Eternal Spiritual Restlessness’ and the blood, sweat and tears people pour into their lives. His music is inspired by Love, Hope, Fear, Longing, Passion, Lust, Sin, Faith, Guilt, Compassion, Empathy (Human Emotion). And last but not least, it is inspired by the void, i.e. the unknown Metaphysical space between Mankind and The Heavens!




Val Leventhal

Time: Entertainment Area 3: 1:30pm-2:30pm

I’ve been performing in the Chicago area since 1973, solo and with various groups. Have played Uncommon Ground, Underground Wonder Bar, The Gallery Cabaret, The Store, The Ethical Humanist Society, The Public Library in Bucktown, Fitzgeralds showcases, The Maple Street Chapel in Lombard and recently Outta Space in Berwyn, as well as being a working jobbing singer for many years. I released my debut CD “Roots and Flowers” in 2005 and am working on a new release this year.
Veteran Chicago singer/songwriter Val Leventhal writes and performs songs about the human condition in a wide variety of styles, including folk, alternative, country, blues and a synthesis of world music rhythms, and a style she calls “secular gospel.” Leventhal always tries to say something she hopes her audience can use in their own lives.