Artists for 2017: TBD

Note for entertainers we will not have a stage this year, but will still have LIMITED electricity access.


Traveling GYpsy

The Gypsy Travelers:


The Gypsy Travelers are a group of solo improve artists. We dance to all styles of Gypsy music, and we love crowd participation. The money that we raise goes to help support the Gypsy Cat rescue.


Something Different


Pat Smith – Native American flute. In addition to teaching Native American Flute classes and participating in two flute circles, she plays clarinet and saxophone in the Big Ballroom band, the Free Notes (an 18 piece big band), and the Naperville Municipal Band. She grew up in a musical home so playing in band and singing with the Purduettes during her school years was natural. In 2012, she completed the Certificate of Musicianship from Clint Goss’ Flute Haven Native American Flute School. Her soul sings with the improvisation of the wooden flute.

John Rissman – guitar, bouzouki, ukelele, digeridoo, assorted percussion. John has dedicated his life to playing guitar and relatives thereof. He started in high school playing in rock bands. He continued to play in local bands and expanded his range to include Celtic music and bluegrass. Along with his wife Karen, they performed as Jykes for many years playing at local clubs and fundraisers. John’s compositions provide an elegant structure for the flute improvisations.

Karen Tlusty-Rissman –Native American flute. Karen has been enthralled with music from an early age. She started playing concert flute in the school band. That evolved to tin whistle and eventually she learned bass and sang with Jykes. Her musical senses are always looking for the next evolution in sonic pleasure. Her songs are drawn from her devotion to Mother Earth and all the Love and Light in the Universe.

Eddie Green – percussion. Eddie was raised in a musical family and took to the drums at an early age. Recently, he has become fascinated with hand percussion and his natural talent for rhythm adds a solid foundation for their body of work.



Cheshire Moon

Cheshire Moon:


Cheshire Moon is a fanciful melding of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and mad hatter Eric Coleman. These two-time Pegasus Award recipients are part of the growing music genre known as MythPunk, bringing old gods and folk tales into modern day, and bringing faerie tale princesses into the light of dark magic. They weave journeys of song and story, bringing their listeners along for the ride. Care to come along?




An assembly of traditional musicians with a long background of performing. Guitar, Fiddle, Pipes, whistle, vocals, even tales of the magical beginnings of the music.



Sentinel Grove

Sentinel Grove:


Sentinel Grove is the direct result of what happens when you bring together a nature whispering red head, a sharp tongued witch, and a tree hugging pirate; no one is sure how or why, but music is created. Their sound is as mixed as their personalities as they incorporate heavy drums along with blues, tribal, celtic, Native American, and other various influences into their songs. What brings Sentinel Grove together is their passion for spreading the messages they receive from whispers of the unseen.


Adnan Arif and Altar Ego

Adnan Arif & The Altar Ego Band:


Adnan Arif ‘s music is inspired by mankind’s ‘Eternal Spiritual Restlessness’ and the blood, sweat and tears people pour into their lives. His music is inspired by Love, Hope, Fear, Longing, Passion, Lust, Sin, Faith, Guilt, Compassion, Empathy (Human Emotion). And last but not least, it is inspired by the void, i.e. the unknown Metaphysical space between Mankind and The Heavens!


Spiral Rhythm


Spiral Rhythm is a group of friends that have been singing together for almost two decades. They began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals. Over time they have developed a unique sound complete with deep, multi-textured chants and explosive drums. Spiral Rhythm has evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same-to raise the spirit through voice and song.

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