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The Menage a Trio – 10:30am main stage

We are a trio, (and when we add drums, a foursome) that loves sharing our music. We rely on keyboard and guitar as our base, and pepper it with flute, vocals,drums, and electric bass. Our trio includes Old Town School of Folk Music mainstays Simmon Yoon and Holly Hanson, and Carol Jarzyna of the Stargate Orchestra. We are sometimes joined by drummer Christopher Maze


Random Fractions – 12pm main stage

Bio: Random Fractions mixes acustic guitar, bass, and rich vocal harmony into a sweet blend of sound to tell stories about open roads, mystical places, mythic beings, runic lore, or water. Definitely water.

Kamrah and Ahsena – 1:30pm main stage

Bio: Kamrah is Chicago’s trans masculine belly dancer, and his student troupe Ahsena will be bringing a mix of modern belly dance and fusion.

Cheshire Moon – 4:15pm  main stage

Bio:The Cheshire Moon rises over the landscape, smiling down as only a trickster the size of planet could smile. Caught in that sliver of moonlight, a guitar string, a swath of blue hair, a bow. A guitar melody drifts across the evening, along with the sweetly sinister counter melody of a careworn fiddle, a pair of faces are found, smiling along with the moon above, the music beckoning you closer….

Adnan Arif & The Altar Ego Band – 5:30pm main stage

Bio: Adnan Arif ‘s music is inspired by mankind’s ‘Eternal Spiritual Restlessness’ and the blood, sweat and tears people pour into their lives. His music is inspired by Love, Hope, Fear, Longing, Passion, Lust, Sin, Faith, Guilt, Compassion, Empathy (Human Emotion). And last but not least, it is inspired by the void, i.e. the unknown Metaphysical space between Mankind and The Heavens!

Secrets of the Beehive –  6:45pm  Main Stage

Secrets of the Beehive is an ever-evolving musical project that delves into the realms of spirit with a combination of original music and improvisation, alternative folk, ambient tribal, and traditional sounds. The group consists of guitar, violin, bouzouki, oud, shruti box and hand percussion.