GCPP 2020 Virtual Event

Dear GCPP Community,

Our team has come to the decision that in order to help protect the community and its health Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride 2020 will be changed to a Virtual Online event. GCPP is a valuable resource and a magical celebration for everyone involved and it breaks our hearts not to be able to gather as a community in person. We are hosting GCPP 2020 Online in order to provide rituals, vendors, entertainers, and workshops. We hope this will allow us to stay connected as we are still able to share, learn, enjoy entertainment, and patronize the vendors of our community.

Please look for announcements with date, volunteer requests and other information which will be coming soon.

Nothing can replace GCPP in person, but we hope that the online event will bring you a small piece of the GCPP magic and help our community.

Our blessings to you, GCPP Staff

Black Lives Matter